Blood orange.

Blood orange stitch markers

I would like to think of these as my festive-themed stitch markers but somehow, whenever I think about it, those damn little dangly things remind me so much of blood oranges.

Anyway, this is my first attempt at making stitch markers so there is A LOT of room for improvement.

The pins were too short for what I had in mind and in horrible shape (all bent and wrong); hence a simple pattern and haphazard + crooked assembly. My small pliers are not in good shape so if I want to do this for real, I need to get all the “right” tools. Funny coz Dad is a trained electrician and repairman so he has everything. Heh.

I’m planning to start something when I go over to Europe along the lines of yarn and stitch markers so I’ll be experimenting with PROPER pins, precious stones and crystals after Chinese New Year. Hopefully it’ll become something other than a hobby!

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  1. that was really quick!! we just talked about stitch markers this afternoon!!! :stars:

    [I KNOW! :blush: Never really like to sit on things for too long.]

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