Oh my nose.

A sneeze and it usually means your nose just got tickled.

Three or two and it is because someone is bitching about you.

Six in a row and it means you have the cold.

Which is what I’ve got…coupled with jetlag.

Caught it from some grossifying jerk I encountered on the flight from Bahrain back to KL – Gulf Air makes a stop via Bahrain and Muscat and this jerk was flying to Muscat. Bad enough that he coughed like crazy with his mouth opened throughout the one hour flight. Bad enough that he was sitting right behind me. What made it worse was later, during the transit while waiting for something, he sat right IN FRONT OF ME and blew his nose with his hand! He had a hankie sort of thing but I think he ran out of space because he started using his hand and fingers. After blowing his nose, he would proceed to wipe them clean with this scarf he had on his head, afterwhich he would place his hand on the armrest. OMIGOD. =.=

And guess what? The toilet was just in front of him.

To make matters worse, for me at least, for the past two days, my sleeping hours have been crazy – worse than last year somehow. I’ve been sleeping at 7pm only to get up before midnight and then sleep again at the most ungodly hour of the night (today it was 4am before I finally COULD sleep; I was just lying and tossing around before that) only to wake up at 630am or 7am for work.

So yes, my nose hurts, my throat is awfully sore and my sinus cavities are all congested.

All I can think of right now is sleep. Bah.

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…but tired.

Pictures, stories and more pics coming. In the meantime, I’m phoneless (stupid damn SIM card!) and jetlagged…well, slightly.

It’s too hot and humid here.


In the meantime, here are some teasers…

(For a taste of what it’s like behind the lens, click on the pics!)

At Molenes en Gueyeras
Not much snow this year but it’s still very pretty.

Inside the world's biggest musuem!
I can really get lost in this place…and I did!

The exhibition on Tintin that we missed!
Only in France (I think) do people make lines longer than this to get into a musuem!

A view from inside Le Louvre
Beats Musuem Negara anytime!

ps: I got three bags of yarn as X’mas gifts! (Am planning to exchange the ones I have here for a project that I have in mind.)


pps: I have gone black and will probably stay this way for a while. Should have done this sooner though. Gah.

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