Domestic goddessness.

I usually don’t talk abut housechores because it’s boring and almost everyone I know hates it. But this bout…this bout started with a little naggy thought in my mind about shoes. Yes, all women ever seem to gush about are shoes.

Now Chinese New Year is fast approaching and I thought I had better get a headstart to clearing out the junk in my room. No, no pictures. I’m still very shy when it comes to taking a full 180 degree plus picture of my room. Say, don’t you notice that after 21, time seems to fly by awfully fast?

Anyway, like I said earlier, it all started with a little push to clear my shoe corner; y’know where one dumps their shoes the moment they enter the room/house? Well, I went from at least six visible pairs to two visible pairs and one (my running shoes) in its good old box. But the moment the shoes disappeared, the shoe mat became rather visible. Gack! I had no idea that I shed hair like a cat!!!!!!!!!!!! The shoe mat definitely had to go but once it did (and before a new one could come in), I realized that my book shelf that laid just in front of the shoe corner need some serious sprucing up.

Why? Darn! Should have taken a before and after pic!

Think dust and forlorn, forgotten titles look back at you. Heh. I had books haphazardly arranged – small ones shoved next to big ones, plastic bags here and there, DVDs on top of CDs, a comb sticking out from the top of some books (don’t ask!) and so forth. Plus I was in damn serious need of creating some space for cookbooks and knitting books as well. ARGH! Talk about a book explosion.

So out went the “academic” books – yes, I even have a book entitled “Reading Sex And The City” which talks about the cultural studies aspect of the series – and in came the knitting books, a spunky photo book on Paris and some fancy shmancy cookbooks! I even made additional space for storing my trusty Olympus 2000 SLR camera (and bag, of course!

One thing I love about being domestic around my bookshelf is this: I discover long forgotten treasures hidden away in some dark corner. Molierre (sp?), Neil Gaiman, Marilyn French, a Thai cookbook (that was a gift from some lovely Ozzie girls), books on philosophy, working papers on sociology (from my conference in NUS), a couple of photo books (one autographed by the photographer himself!) and so forth…

Of course I finished like four hours after I started but I’m happy. My bookshelf has a lacy curtain to keep out the dust, it looks wayyyy prettier than it did before and I have a spanking new rug + shoe mat (and more space around my PC)!

Now this domestic goddessness tends to run out of steam after a while. I like to work on one corner at a time; definitely beats working like a nut for the whole day just to clear up everything in my cosy room. Probably get started on my workstation area next week and another corner during the next-next weekend. I even spent some time writing up CNY cards to peeps and preparing some parcels for Nil and his relatives.

Ah…it was a good day.

ps: Oh, did I mention that today is laundry day (as usual)?

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  1. Acks! Sounds like you had a VERY productive day. I, on the other hand went and wasted my weekend flying to KL and shopped. No, I didn’t fly specifically to shop (how I wish!) but I flew in early for a meeting.

    Anyways, upon returning from my trip last night and having to come home to my cozy bed but not so cozy room was not all fun. :hmpr: Good in a way coz mum did ‘some’ of my laundry :clap: but my room too is still in a total mess, not to mention my shoes!! It’s all over the place!! :ohmy:

    After reading your ever-so productive spring cleaning stint, I just might do the same this weekend 😉

    [I tell you we all go through the same drill la! ^.~ I suddenly find myself having to do some cleaning again this weekend…and the next one…and so forth. Well, you get me, don’t you? 😉 ]

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