Oz Hatfest – Part VII

Revillon Papillottes (pic by Estelle Broyer)
Pic by Estelle Broyer

I know I said I was going to send down seven hats and all that but suddenly I just can’t bring myself to knit anymore hats, having gotten myself busy with Baby Apple and a host of another projects that will be gifts to fiance’s family.

Instead I’ll be sending down some Montelimar nougats and half a bag of les papillottes (French chocolates that can be found only during Christmas and New Year) – two items which I got during my trip to France last December.

Of course there will be other goodies which some people have decided to put together for some of the editors…

My only hope is that the chocolates and nougats will get pass the sniffer without any problems. Maybe I ought to put a note that says…

Dear doggie,

Thanks for a great job done but unfortunately, these are not for doggie consumption.

Please refrain from chowing down on them. They are for a few very lovely people I work with. If they don’t get it, working with them will be a pain.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

The sender.

ps: When I visit Australia and run into you, can I pet you and rub your tummy? You’re just so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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