A Skinny Sandy Shifty

Snaking around the plants The gorgeous colours!

A Skinny Sandy Shifty
Pattern | Shifting Sands by Grumperina
Yarn | Manos Del Uruguay in Wildflowers
Needles | 5mm straight

First FO (Finished Object) of the year! :dance:

This is a one skein scarf, so it’s skinny and not very long. I would have lengthened it if I had more yarn to spare but the other colours I got don’t quite match the very vibrant, colourful yarn. Still it makes a nice colourful scarf…for mum. Yes, I have the darnest habit of knitting for other people and never for myself. It’s okay. Soon…soon. ^.~

Anyway, I frogged this a couple of times when I was at the Alps, mainly because I got the pattern wrong (see pic below). It turned out fine but I wasn’t too happy so when I got home, I pulled everything apart again.

The wrong skinny scarf!

This Manos yarn is worsted weight and single ply; with my lousy bamboo needles (one of the tips isn’t smooth – I sandpapered this before but it’s not working. Will need to do it again), I sort of nearly split the fibres every few rows – something that I would prefer not to do. That aside, the pattern is very addictive and pretty – Grumperina will be happy to know that it won me (and her) several compliments from Nil’s relatives and friends.

I saw something similar on ebay and when (and if) the ocassion rises, I’ll definitely consider buying some skeins to make a gorgeous wooly sweater. The colours are simply amazing!

Now to try and finish off that baby jacket soon!!!!

The gorgeous colours and a shifty pattern!

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  1. wow!! that yarn is very pretty!! where did you get that yarn from?? love the scarf pattern too!!! :love:

    [From Canada. Got my friend to buy for me! 🙂 ]

  2. :thumbsup: WOW!! beautiful! Do u know where i can get such wools (or wools of equal quality) in KL?? I’ve been searching for a shop that sells yarns for AGES!!! Please get back to me a.s.a.p…. need to knit for the winter trip!!

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