There are a lot of things to blog about like…

…my yarn stash which has exploded. I’m not buying anymore yarn or fibres until I get rid of a few bags. My knitting stash corner looks like some storage corner that is bursting at the seams. So far, from what I can recall, I have enough yarn for at least four sweaters/cardigans, four fingerless gloves, tonnes of hats, two shawls and plenty of scarves. *dies*

…being engaged, telling people and adjusting to referring to Nil as my “fiance”. So far, I told my mum (don’t know if she told dad), revealed it on my blog and a couple of other online places, and I can’t recall if people at work or my friends know. I sort of wanted to drop a hint today but somehow, instead of saying “my fiance…”, I ended up with “my boyfriend…” which sort of brings me to my next point.

…I’m kind of ringless and for the sake of being engaged or reminding myself that I’m engaged, I’ve been wearing this sapphire-diamond white gold ring I bought when I was in Australia. I had seen it in the store and I fell in love with it instantly. It’s not very flashy and well, I just thought it would be right for the ocassion. I bought it with the intention of turning it into a promise ring. Nil laughed when I told him that I was wearing a ring I bought for myself to remind me that I’m engaged. Come to think of it, isn’t it weird? O’well…

…my knitting which is going too slow for comfort. I tell myself that it’s because I’m busy with work and all that but in reality, I’m such a slow knitter. Gah. I take forever to finish a scarf instead of two days (or less)…and my baby jacket? Don’t ask. I just need to move faster but how, damnit? How when I get back from work and I just want to curl up under the quilt and dream about Nil? Bah. That man of mine is such a distraction.

…updating my blog. I need to update my blog but frankly I’m lazy. It’s getting tedious and I’m getting pretty fed up of having to constantly update every so often because when I do update, I have to go hunt around for themes, plugins and etc. Not to mention fix up shit when it goes wrong and etc. Sometimes I tell myself that I should just forget about keeping a domain of my own and use free blogging tools. Bleh.

…CNY preparations. There are plenty of kueh kapit, pineapple tarts, orange-lemony shortbread checks and ginger snaps to make. Yes, new additions to my CNY baking endeavours. I’m thinking of sending some to Nil but then again, would he end up getting a box full of crumbs? I don’t know.

Of course, there is work and the usual few annoyances with some people but those things usually don’t really matter. I mean work does but work stays at the office not spread onto my blog. ^.~

I think I’m going to get off now and back to updating this damn blog. BAH.

Bo go ship da by Kim Bum Soo (from Stairway to Heaven)

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  1. well, sometimes it’s nice to keep a secret to yourself n’est pas? It will all sink in once you’ve set a date. It’s hard to come right out and announce; “hoi, I am engaged now ok, off the market liao,y’hear??” . It’s also because we live in a society that does not really celebrate engagements – mostly the engagement party is held after the civil service, in which you are already technically married, so what is an engagement?

    [OHYES! Should have written about my ex’s reaction when he found out that I was getting married. LOL! Yes, I’m a woman through and through! 😉 ]

  2. Wow, so much has happened since I went MIA in the blogsphere. Congrats on the engagement!!

    [Yes…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????? ^.^ (Thankies!)]

  3. speaking of which, i must share!

    Most of my ex’s good friends had ended up being close friends of mine.His best friend in particular, had helped ‘settle’ loads of our relationship issues over the year, and is a very dear friend of mine – which was of course, not only invited to the wedding,but to my hen night AND the morning ceremony

    He called his best friend (my ex) the day before the wedding, just to say that he’s going to Penang.Which of course, the ex asked whatever for (like wtf call me to tell me you’re going to penang??)

    “For your ex gf’s wedding”

    He then continued,without giving the ex a chance to speak:
    “Ok bye!”

    Which sent the ex to catalystic shock.

    that was the best wedding present anyone could give me 😉

    [That was awesomely cool!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Unfortunately in my case, all my ex’s friends are like him (bleck) so no chance of that ever happening.

    He did find out that I was getting married and he just couldn’t believe it. Heh. As if the he was the only man on this planet. Pfft.]

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