…but tired.

Pictures, stories and more pics coming. In the meantime, I’m phoneless (stupid damn SIM card!) and jetlagged…well, slightly.

It’s too hot and humid here.


In the meantime, here are some teasers…

(For a taste of what it’s like behind the lens, click on the pics!)

At Molenes en Gueyeras
Not much snow this year but it’s still very pretty.

Inside the world's biggest musuem!
I can really get lost in this place…and I did!

The exhibition on Tintin that we missed!
Only in France (I think) do people make lines longer than this to get into a musuem!

A view from inside Le Louvre
Beats Musuem Negara anytime!

ps: I got three bags of yarn as X’mas gifts! (Am planning to exchange the ones I have here for a project that I have in mind.)


pps: I have gone black and will probably stay this way for a while. Should have done this sooner though. Gah.

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