Christmas this year.

Christmas this year is strangely quiet. Ackward to say the least.

Last year, I had my first taste of Christmas and a very French Christmas dinner in Europe with a very an equally French family. Dinner started around 10pm and lasted till way past midnight, laced with heaps of wine, laughter…and oh, loads of cheese too. There was snow too and the weather was nice and cool.

This year, Christmas dinner came in the form of roast chicken (to symbolize the American turkey), acar and some veg-chicken consomme more commonly known as ABC soup. Dinner started at 5pm and was pretty quick, a little quiet and there was hardly any cheese in sight. No snow here, just a shower or two; and the weather was hot and humid.

Last year, Christmas morning was spent lazing about and visiting family. I had chance to go for a nice walk around Lyon city. Pretty.

This year, it was spent at church waiting the choir belt out songs about Jesus. After that, it was a trip to bro’s home to fix up some stuff and then back home. Nothing fascinating there.

Last year, I saw snow, made snow angels and cried when forced to go on the sledge. There was the French Alps, there were horses with their thick winter coats, and there was cuddles with Nil by the fire.

This year, I am packing winter wear and gearing up to spend New Year in France. Just KLIA and about 16 hours of flying to look forward too.

Like I said…ackward.

Anyway, have a Blessed (and Merry) Christmas, folks and may He continue to bless you well into the next year!

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