The year in short.

Another year, another time for reflection and recapping. I know it’s typical; I did it last year, so I guess I’ll succumb to tradition and do it again.

The Year of 2006

  • Shit hits the fan for the Police Dept in the form of the nude squat incident.
  • Brokeback Mountain skips us.
  • Chinese New Year comes along with its usual ups and downs. Oddly enough, no comments about the weight or lack of boyfriend. Hm.


  • Remember the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad?
  • I present my heart with all its patches and scars to Nil as a token of what he means to me.
  • Fuel prices go up.


  • Started planning for my trip to Sydney in April. Stupid immigration made me paid RM200 over for a visa. Bah.
  • I got the chicken pox.
  • Got a new cheapo phone. I’m not into fancy-smancy expensive stuff – I just need a phone to make and receive calls damnit.
  • I started Nil’s going-away gift.


  • I made it to Australia but I didn’t stop by the old uni OR the Sydney office. Boohoo.
  • This blog got upgraded to WP2.0!!!!
  • Da Vinci Code becomes the new controversy.
  • Chinese couple gets arrested for “holding hands and kissing” at KLCC.
  • I introduced password-protection for some posts.


  • I get my pet, Le Feu, and a few more after him when they all got sick.
  • X-Men III becomes a huge disappointment.
  • We lost the Thomas Cup…again.
  • We start talking about getting married.


  • PJ declared a city.
  • The French Film Festival comes knocking!
  • Nil leaves for his trip around Central Asia.



  • I took out one of my three wisdom tooth. One more is left (the other came out just alright.)
  • Leatherbacks declared “effectively extinct”.
  • On holiday! Gemia Island here I come!
  • Went for a conference on sociology in Singapore for about five days.


  • I met some editors from the Sydney office. Went for a company dinner too!
  • I realized that I’m not a very ambitious or career-driven person.
  • I started knitting again….and go bonkers on yarn.
  • Went for a conference on sociology in Singapore for about five days.


  • Nil goes back to France and I ponder on how people do it.
  • He gave me roses for the first time and all the way from France too! (Online + delivery = goodness!)
  • I went even nuttier over yarn!
  • I came to terms with being human.


  • My blog started to morph into one that is all about knitting and spinning.
  • Oz Hatfest starts!
  • I ponder about my friendships, namely because I wanted to see if I could come up with a list of invitees to my wedding.
  • The Backman saga continues.


  • I get more serious with my work, care more and in turn, embrace these little things as my own babies.
  • Broadband connection goes dead and I spend three days without the Internet at all.
  • I admitted my infatuation to Le Lapin after months of knowing him. Nil wasn’t too happy.
  • I get random, oh so random, on my blog.
  • Got my increment! W00t! It’s not much but it’s something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • I head off to Lyon and Paris for the New Year and to spend some time with my other half. Life is good.

Quiet year, don’t you think so? It was good nevertheless. I discovered a little more, loved a whole lot more, laughed a lot and more importantly, I met really cool and wonderful people even though they are far away from me.

Good times. Honest.

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