Yarn from Canada-land!

Well, not quite but you know what I mean. 😉

More yarn?

Yes, I have more yarn now added to my stash (and a knitting book too, A Gathering of Lace). I have yet to update my stash list though. Somehow the speed of me procuring more yarn is faster than the effort it takes me to put them in the stash list. Bah.

The gorgeous Manos skeins!

Remember the Manos del Uruguay and Louet Euroflax that I mentioned before? Well, there are here!!!!!! My friend was also such a wonderful gem in getting me some yarn as a gift too – a skein of Manos and three balls of Cascade yarn for making socks! Thanks Sam!

Sock yarn and pre-wound linen yarn!


ps: Would kissing smokers be like kissing chimneys?

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  1. Me thinks you have a problem. Talk to Jikon… he went through this phase a while back – with the yarn, I mean.

    On the p.s. – Yes. Although I’ve never kissed a chimney, my friend’s cat has. He didn’t enjoy it.

    [:lol: Me don’t really see it as a problem though. Have heaps of projects lined up! YAY!]

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