One skein wonder!


One Skein Wonder
Pattern | One Skein Wonder by Glampyre
Yarn | Cherry Tree Hill Potluck Worsted in Earth (I think)
Needles | 5mm straight + circulars, 4mm & 3.5mm circulars

I’m finally done with it!!!! The first wearable piece in my knitting history! *kekeke* Really, I have done nothing but knit stuff for people and scarves. Utterly boring. The hats were driving me nuts so I decided to do something different yet quick – in slightly under a day and two nights!


It’s a bit on the tight side (around the edges) because I have yet to block it and the cast-on just wasn’t loose enough – funny, I did use needles one size bigger than was called for in the pattern so could be the lack of blocking then.

The yarn is gorgeous and just nice even though it is 100% wool – a bit too warm here but I think I’ll wear this to work (office is like Siberia) and it’ll be great for European weather. Excellent really.

Being the cheeky bugger than I am, I wore it today to work and people just love the colour (so do I…so do I)! Someone said she had never seen a shrug that small; another said it was cute. *beams*


The thing is this: what do I do with the other two plus skeins? (Am thinking of making a longer OSW! We’ll see.) Anyway, I ought to take pics of myself wearing it but my camera batteries went kaput again! =.=

O’well, next time.

ps: Must make mental note to find cotton yarn for a “small” gift to someone Down Under.

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  1. make it for someone else??? :thumbsup:

    anyway…great work on the shrug!! :love:

    [The cotton stuffies is for someone else. 😀 Thankies for ze compliment! ^.^]

  2. :clap: :thumbsup: Extremely cool. I’ve been dying to knit this but couldn’t get the pattern 🙁
    Still waiting for modelled pics 😉

    [Am afraid you’ll have to wait a while for it. 😛 ]

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