Being broadbandless – Day 3


Remember that gorgeous hot pink roving I was talking about? I got addicted to it….horribly addicted. Don’t know whether to cry or not. Feel like spinning this light pink roving I got and plying them together. GAHHHHH!


While taking a break from spinning, I got Blue Dreams off the makeshift bobbin and onto the skeining process, which I think I screwed up because it looked like it was felted instead. I seriously need to practice on skeining stuff.


Hm…should I ply this with grey or blue OR both? Bah. Hate making decisions like this. This is less than an ounce so I can’t even knit anything decent with it. O’well…I ordered from rovings from Carolyn; she’s a gem! Taught me how to skein spun singles and stuff. Can’t wait for the parcel to come – I’ll be collecting it from Nil though. Having it sent to France instead. YAY for New Year spinning sessions!


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