Together again…

…even if it’s just for a few days.

Yes, I’ll be away for a good 10 days. I’ll be braving a 10-hour flight, five hour transit in Bahrain and then a two to three hour train ride to Lyon…and just to be with Nil.



And just in case I forget…


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All set!

I’m at least a good three days ahead of schedule.


Everything is packed except for a knitting project (or two!), some needles (checked in, of course), those lovely local yummies (acar and sambal prawn) that Nil is absolutely nuts about and a mini travel kit for my hand-carry containing some face moisturiser, cleanser, wipes and oh, the very important face mist.

It feels surreal…just packing for a holiday to meet a loved one. I wonder what it’ll be like comes migration time.


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Christmas this year.

Christmas this year is strangely quiet. Ackward to say the least.

Last year, I had my first taste of Christmas and a very French Christmas dinner in Europe with a very an equally French family. Dinner started around 10pm and lasted till way past midnight, laced with heaps of wine, laughter…and oh, loads of cheese too. There was snow too and the weather was nice and cool.

This year, Christmas dinner came in the form of roast chicken (to symbolize the American turkey), acar and some veg-chicken consomme more commonly known as ABC soup. Dinner started at 5pm and was pretty quick, a little quiet and there was hardly any cheese in sight. No snow here, just a shower or two; and the weather was hot and humid.

Last year, Christmas morning was spent lazing about and visiting family. I had chance to go for a nice walk around Lyon city. Pretty.

This year, it was spent at church waiting the choir belt out songs about Jesus. After that, it was a trip to bro’s home to fix up some stuff and then back home. Nothing fascinating there.

Last year, I saw snow, made snow angels and cried when forced to go on the sledge. There was the French Alps, there were horses with their thick winter coats, and there was cuddles with Nil by the fire.

This year, I am packing winter wear and gearing up to spend New Year in France. Just KLIA and about 16 hours of flying to look forward too.

Like I said…ackward.

Anyway, have a Blessed (and Merry) Christmas, folks and may He continue to bless you well into the next year!

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The year in short.

Another year, another time for reflection and recapping. I know it’s typical; I did it last year, so I guess I’ll succumb to tradition and do it again.

The Year of 2006

  • Shit hits the fan for the Police Dept in the form of the nude squat incident.
  • Brokeback Mountain skips us.
  • Chinese New Year comes along with its usual ups and downs. Oddly enough, no comments about the weight or lack of boyfriend. Hm.


  • Remember the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad?
  • I present my heart with all its patches and scars to Nil as a token of what he means to me.
  • Fuel prices go up.
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The face.

Sans rouge a levre et apres sept heures.
Without lipstick and after seven hours.

mask_a mask_b

C’est le visage!
It’s the face!


ps: There is glitter but it’s not exactly obvious in the pics. Looks better IRL, actually.

pps: I tried to upload this early (when I first got back from the dinner) but something was wrong with the site/wp/server/database/whatever so I left it as it was. Don’t ask what I’m doing up at an ungodly hour of the wee morning. =.= Bottomline is this: I’m too awake to go back to bed. Heh.

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I live for pain.

Background story: Company’s having a Christmas party tonight and the theme is Winter Masquerade. Come in something semi-formal and bring a mask.

I did it again to myself.

You see, I had the brilliant idea of painting my face since I was too lazy to get a mask from anywhere and too much of a cheapskate to fork out moolah for something which I could make or do without. I was only going to use it once so why bother getting something really really fancy?

So about three hours before the event actually starts, I plodded to the upstairs bathroom/shower to get ready. I reckoned it would take me about a good two hours to get things down to pat – face and all. By the time I was done, I had spent only one hour in the blasted oven (no aircon, no ventilation but two windows – go figure!).

What can I do?

I jolly well can’t step out in public with a half-butterfly on my right eye and glitter all over the top of my face. My skin just isn’t thick enough for that kind of action. So I reckoned I had little choice but to brave my trip to the office (it’s just one floor, after all) and run all the way to my workstation, which is, of course, conveniently located right at the end of the corridor, furthest away from the door. Bah.

Just imagine me in a getting-tight cheongsam (ohgawd!), with heels and two bags making my way to my desk.

If it’s any consolation, I didn’t hide my face nor did I run. ^.^

Luckily for me, almost everyone had gone off to primp and powder themselves.

Note to self: Allow self to be late ocassionally (especially in events where one will look embarassed if early) and remember to bring the camera next time.

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Oz Hatfest – Part VI


I have exchanged hats for a very sweet baby jacket in a wonderfully pretty shade of soft green. I even have matching buttons to go with it!

Anyway, it’s just the back piece that you see there and since I’m not under pressure to finish this by tomorrow – the original due date for Oz Hatfest – I can take my sweet time with this. I substituted the original yarn – Baby Cashmerino – with a 100% pure cotton version as per the mum-to-be’s request. After having knit with wool for so long, cotton feels and looks very different – lighter and very much smoother.

On a separate note, I’ll be painting my face tomorrow for a dinner party. Need to be off to pack up the “tools” and get some rest (I slept at midnight last night and woke up at an ungodly hour of 5:30am!!!!).

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