Spinning away!


Now I know that knitting has become an obsession of mine…well, actually yarn to be exact. BUT…but my latest craze is spinning and the lovely gorgeous fibres that they come in! ZOMIGOD…SPINNING!

But wait, I haven’t exactly spun anything!


I have, however, have been busy searching for that perfect spindle to start my spinning escapade. (In the process, my bandwidth has gone kaputs.)

A trip to a local craft store that stocks the most amazing items ever known to craft convinced me that I was better off making my own spindle. So off I went in pursuit of spindle parts (a dowel, whorl and hook) and about ten minutes into the night with a bit of Dad’s help…I got this!

spindle1 spindle2

Beauty about this little baby is this: The whorls are not glued to the dowel and with a bit of tugging, I can remove them for super easy transportation. Also, each whorl weighs about slightly over an ounce so if I want to spin something heavier, I can use both at the same time (just hold them together with celotape and a paper coaster) OR if I want to spin faster and light, just use one whorl.

Total cost? RM8 – RM3 for the dowel; RM5 for the two whorls.

Alrighty…I ought to go test this out now!


[UPDATE] So I started and boy oh boy was it uber uber fun! XD It really is destressing – I mean, watching the spindle go round and round on the floor and then just looking at the twist in the fibre. Awesomeness!

Spinning stash from Multifilla

Of course figuring out how thick the fibres ought to be is another story and there are the “thick” bits called slub in some of the thin stuff but first-time handspuns tend to be that way.

Spun fibres!

Yes, I know. You can’t see a thing but it’s not my fault the batteries in my cam decided to go dead on me. These were taken with my cam phone. O’well…better ones tomorrow. GACK. Nearly midnight now. Must sleep.

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  1. It look cool! I want to see how it works when you spin it….. Can I try spinning? 😎

    [It’s not as cheap as it sounds. 😆 ]

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