Great things come with yarn.


My yarn order from Maryann is in! Super super delicious ten balls of Jaeger Trinity all ready for my next project. Except that I still have the fourth hat from Oz Hatfest to complete. Never mind. Yarn always makes me happy.

Then a friend pops by online and helps me take some orders for the most beautiful natural fibre yarn ever – Euroflax Originals (in either Berry Red/Crabapple Blossom and Emerald/Sage) and Euroflax Paris (Nepture/French Blue/Aqua).

After that, I remembered that there was a knit meet-up this Saturday where I’ll be getting somemore yummilicious yarn from a fellow knitter-blogger. Planning on making some lace scarves and a shrug with it.

But the clincher???

If you dump me now, I’ll die in shame. I’ve been telling people that I’m gonna get married; married to you.


ps: A more thoughtful post on that will be coming up soon. I just want to be a goose right now! XD

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