Oz Hatfest – Part III

Morning Sky Swirls

(Yes, that’s Morning Sky Swirls on my head covering all the gorgeous curls I got over the weekend!)

Just thought I’d list down the little beauties that I’ll be working on and the sex of the recipient.

The people trialling them? Myself and Dad – the lone male model. Pictures? Soonish. I must say though, Dad looks fantabulous in Navy Cablerine.

  • Blue Swirls – F
  • Navy Cablerine – M
  • Morning Sky Swirls – F
  • Cablerine Noir – M
  • Morning Sky Cablerine – F
  • Midnight Cablerine – M
  • Maroon Swirls – M
  • Lollipop Candy Cablerine – F
  • Sunshine Swirls – F
  • Lollipop Sunshine Swirls – F
  • Earthy Swirls – F
  • Lilac Cablerine – F

Soon…I’ll be done soon! 🙂

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