Anyone wants yarn for cheapo prices?

I’m somehow super bored of making scarves and the stuff I initially bought as a beginner are pretty useless for non-scarf projects. So I’m thinking of giving them away for EITHER free or a very very dirt-cheap stupidly low price.

Haven’t exactly made up my mind yet though…so if you’re interested, just drop me a comment and I’ll contact you via email.

If no one wants them ballies, then I’ll probably “donate” or trash it. =.=

4 x Panda Scandal No 48 (50gm 46m) + 5 x Panda Rhumba No 8661 (50gm 36m) [TAKEN]

IMG_1855 IMG_1854

3 x Stars A&S No 43 (50gm 65m) + 1 x Stars A&S (red) (50gm 65m) [TAKEN]


1 x Minlon No 70, 46, 10 + 2.5 x Minlon No 115 (all 40gm)


1 x Ondori No 63 (40gm) 4 ply + 1 x Ondori No 81 (40gm) 4 ply


1.5 x Bernat Boa (brown silver) (50gm 65m) [TAKEN]


1 x Cottrica (black & white)


1 x Red Heart Foxy (green feathery-like)


2 x Gemini (velvety green) [TAKEN]


4 x unknowns (no labels and therefore no idea what they are) =.= [L to R: NO 1 TAKEN]

IMG_1870 IMG_1873 IMG_1877 IMG_1874

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  1. Your blog entries are all about knitting and yarns… :yawn:

    [That’s why I wrote this right below the “logo”:

    Both personal(!) diary and knitting log rolled into one. Expect wooly thoughts to reign supreme on some days.

    Besides, knitting makes me happy which is more than I can say for some stupid Minister/social issues/problem/my country.]

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