Ohmigod! More yarn!

Yarn porn!

This isn’t nothing compared to someone I read about all the time but it’s a lot for me. Plus I just got word that Nil is sending over some yarn (don’t know how much though but I doubt it’s hardly a few measly balls!).

OHYES, happiness!!!! *dances*

Lets see…

  • 2 x Sirdar Denim Chunky
  • 1 x Sirdar Country & Town Style DK
  • 2 x Sirdar Silk Look
  • 4 x Sonata Print Colour
  • 2 x Sonata Print Solid

Projects? A OSW, two hats (just need to find the damn beads now), one Fetching and three simple ribbed fingerless gloves which I’ve been commissioned to work on.

ps: I got an offer but I think I love my current job too much (unbelievable!) to move.

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