Orange poppyseed muffin

Tangy goodness!

So yes, I’m a lazy bum when it comes to baking certain things AND I love Guten Braun’s muffin mix even though this is the second time I’ve used it.

orange-poppyseed muffin-mix

Instead of the usual old-school favourite blueberry, I settled for a little tangy taste to my muffins…not to mention a unique crunch which you cannot get high from. No worries, no alcohol in them…well, most of them. (Surprises for the ones who bite into my marmalade-brandy filled muffins!)

marmalade-brandy the-surprise-ones

So what was different this time? Well, add rind from two Oz navel oranges, juice from 1/4 of the same orange(s), 25 gms of poppyseed plus leftover blueberry filling and some marmalade-brandy jam.

Fresh muffins!

Hm. I ought to buy a kilo of this mix next time instead of the usual 500 gm; that way I’ll get those to-die-for mushroom tops!


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