This is why…

…I am crazy about yarns.


The two skeins of lace weight yarn I ordered from arrived today after a week’s worth of waiting. Pretty fast, I must say. It came bare as it could be, perhaps fresh from spinning and dyeing – I could still smell the vinegar. No labels, no frills, no fuss. Just skeins the way they ought to be.


Now winding them into balls wasn’t an easy task. We are talking about 900 yards (nearly 830 metres) of yarn here. Thankgoodness for swivel chairs and toilet rolls. ^.~ About three hours went to winding these little babies into balls and plenty of exercise for my wrists!

burgundy_ball citrus_ball

The final result? Two great looking balls that will be turned into lacey shawls…as gifts.


ps: That thing I was supposed to start on for myself? It’ll be on hold until I finish these shawls and Les Bleus.

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  1. The yarn look lovely, specially the red one..I love, their service are excellent, so far is the fastest delivery I ever encounter. :D:

    [Yeah, I was pretty surprised when I received the package! My order from isn’t even here yet!]

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