What a (quiet) holiday! – Part II


Remember the stuff I bought yesterday? Well, I left out the yarn I bought as well. I intend to make some socks out of them for Nil and in addition, put the damn books to good use instead of letting them rot away on some shelf somewhere in my room.

Right now I’m a little wary of the damn project because I keep encountering all sorts of so-called problems. =.= There is the gauge (yarn is 28 per 10cm while the pattern is 24 per 10cm), then there is the whole thing about yarn feeling a little too thin for 4-ply and of course there is the size of a not-around pair of feet to measure. Blah.

Looks like I might have to frog this and start again tomorrow. Thankgoodness for the holidays.


Finally, a little something for myself! YES YES YES! I’m not going to say what it is or will be!


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  1. stumbled onto your site via cara’s knitters community forum. i was attracted to your site initially because of your template – i have downloaded this template before and really like it, and it suits your site very well! =) and your knitted projects are all very lovely!

    [Awww…thanks! You have equally, if not more pretty, projects. I’m so envious!!!!]

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