What a (quiet) holiday! – Part I


I really love shopping when it’s quiet. No one to bump into, no screaming/running children to avoid, no one to fight with (for clothes/shoes/books/etc)…parking is a whole lot easier too. Plus factor? It reminded me a lot of my shopping sprees in Sydney when people were laidback and crowds were few and far in between.

As sort of a belated birthday present, I decided to go nuts on some knitting books that I’ve been eyeing. Initially I had thought of dropping by Kino at KLCC to get them but the journey was just too far. Besides, I wanted to see how Borders would measure up to Kino in terms of the kind of stuff they had and the pricing too.

Well, lets just say that price-wise, they are about the same – both are not very far apart from each other. Stock-wise…well, I was pleasantly surprised to find a rather “rare” book stuck somewhere in the shelves, albeit a slightly worn condition. This is the one thing I absolutely HATE about Malaysians. They have no sense of accountability and civic consciousness. The jacket for hardcovers and sometimes the hardcover itself (!) are torn or frayed. I had my eye on this Interweave Press pocket/desk calender size note collection but it was in a horrible condition. The corners were all crumpled and torn, and it looked more like it had been thrown around instead of quietly lying on the shelves as it should be.

I’d love to see Borders stock more knitting books for children or toddlers (found only two to three titles) instead of concentrating so much on shawls, ponchos and beginners’ instruction manuals.

Anyway, I finally settled for four books…YES, a whooping four which totalled up to RM300:

So folks, if you think knitting is cheap, well, no it isn’t and this is just the books. Don’t get me started on the yarn and accessories.

cable-hat cable-hat_a

Cable Child’s Hat
Pattern | Chunky Cabled Beanie from Stichcafe
Yarn | Urban Life No 2
Needles | 6mm 80cm circular (magic loop)

I’m finally done with my Cable Child’s Hat (and in the process, I learnt a new technique too! YAY!). Nil thinks it looks great for the mosque. I don’t know whether to laugh or what. It looks a bit too fitting on me which is how it should be because this is made for a three to six year old. Am hoping it’ll fit Nil’s niece/nephew.

Once I’m done weaving the ends in for the Tan Ribbed Cowl, I’ll be sending them together with some lovely stuff for Nil (hopefully something for him too!) for Christmas or New Year. That blasted boyfriend of mine even joked about keeping it for our kids if it doesn’t fit his niece and nephew.


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