Tan ribbed cowl & knitting woes!


Tan Ribbed Cowl
Pattern | Adapted from Cream Ribbed Cowl in Knitting in No Time
Yarn | Plasard Louinie (Tan) & Sirdar Demin Sport Aran No 615
Needles | 5mm 40cm & 4mm 75cm circulars

Tell you something. Knitting is NOT easy.

I never had so much trouble with a pattern before! *frowns* It’s annoying how I have to convert this adults-only cowl into a cowl that will fit a 1 metre tall little girl. The first time I cast on, I ended up making it too small so I had to rip the damn thing apart but because it’s mohair mix, I had no choice but to snip some bit off. After that, I made it a bit tad bigger. Then it hits me.

“Will it fit?”

Nil obviously is of little help and I couldn’t very well ask him to call his sister just to find out the girl’s measurements. So desperate was I that I resorted to digging up pictures of Nil’s niece to see how the pattern I had in mind would fit on the girl. It didn’t help that I had only ONE decent picture and it was just crazy. Absolute madness, I tell you.

Then there was the issue of “do I have enough yarn”? The yardage on Plassard is not much and I only had five balls to work with. I could very well get Nil to buy more for me since I wanted to make a matching hat to go along with the cowl but then I realized that by the time he sent it over, it would be too late for me to send it to France as a Christmas gift. So I had to improvise a little. Instead of using Plassard alone, I matched it up with this fabulous, soft Aran yarn from Sirdar. The only problem is this: it was the only ball left in the store.



On the side, I do like how the colour combo turned out…not to mention the texture – now that you’ll have to touch it to know what I mean.

Initially, I wanted to continue with the Sirdar Aran for the cable-rib hat but after three swatches/gauge, I decided it wasn’t chunky or stretchy enough. I’ll just have to use the remaining yarn for another pair of fingerless gloves. Godforbid you wear anything white or off-white like cream! Seriously, it’s so hard to maintain that pure, spotless colour!

So now for the matching cable-rib hat, I bought two balls of this 100% pure wool from a store in IOI Mall, Puchong – similar colour, of course. Am in the middle of the second cable row and wondering if it’ll fit at all. This is horrific. Honestly!

I really need to get this yarn substitution, tension, needle sizing and what-not down to pat! Bah.

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  1. O.o uhm.. here’s an idea, if u ve enough yarn, why don’t make it a bit bigger than a nice fit? she can still grow into it. also, maybe there’s a basic cowl measurements u can find online? u know how kids measurements are generally avail based on age? i dunno if u can find for a cowl. but shoes got lah.. eh. just thinking aloud. :peace:

    [Well…the problem is that I don’t have enough yarn! Woes to me for buying so little! XD Basic cowl measurements ar? No leh. For hats and shoes yes…but never mind la. We’ll see how it goes. Am thinking of making the adult version for myself but with cotton! AHAHAHAH.]

  2. 🙂 My mom used to knit sweaters for me when I was a kid. I had lots of fun shopping for the supplies at Chinatown – so many colours & textures! 🙂

    Sad to say, I only had the patience to finish several friendship bracelet and maybe some part of my sweaters haha.

    [I used to not have patience when it comes to stuff like this but no more…these days, it’s hard to control the urge to buy and buy more yarn! *kekekeke*]

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