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I know I should NOT cast on any more projects but just knitting rib all the time for my Magenta jacket is well…driving me nuts. Hence I succumbed totally to temptation and decided to cast on two projects.


Autumn Green Cable Scarf
Yarn | Wina No 95
Needles | 5mm straight bamboo

Progress with this is going ultra slow (what you see in the pic is what I’ve done so far) because I’m not in a rush to finish this and well, I’m sort of using this project as the “do only when you’re more of doing rib/whatever”.

Cream ribbed cowl

Tan Ribbed Cowl
Yarn | Plasard Louinie (Tan) & Sirdar Demin Sport Aran No 615
Needles | 5mm 40cm & 4mm 75cm circulars

This is going to be a gift for Nil’s niece who’s three years old. I know what you see there is for an adult but I’m resizing it to fit a little girl. Was thinking that the mohair-mix would be a nice touch and it feels oh-so-soft to the touch as well. Because this yarn mix is slightly thinner than what was called for in the pattern, I had to make some adjustments. Thankgoodness the pattern is awfully simple (K2, P2 with some decreases along the way)!!!!


Will post more at the end of this week when things at work have died down a little. I promise!

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