A quiet day…

The roses

Apart from the surprise flowers this morning, MY day has been awfully quiet. I spent it working on Candy Green (my fingerless gloves) and musing on how remarkable the day has been so far.

Remember the hunt for that elusive job in either UK/NZ/France? After numerous rejections, there is hope left. It is nothing big or sure for that matter but like Dad, Nil (he sent me flowers for the first time in eons and he called too!!!!! *beams*) and I all agree, it is still a start. Better than nothing, if you know what I mean. Hopefully I’ll hear more good news over the next few days.

Candy green

Candy Green Fingerless Gloves
Pattern | Open-finger Mittens
Yarn | Online Linie Cora No 20
Needles | 2.75mm DPN

My knitting project(s) have taken on a new turn with colleagues commissioning me to work on their own versions of Candy Green (yes, I found myself taking on orders! Unbelievable!). I’m definitely happy for the practice and of course, the excuse to do more knitting and some yarn shopping on the side.

Another shot of Candy green!

So yes, I had a quiet, simple yet meaningful birthday in every sense of the word(s).


ps: No, I didn’t get a manicure – my nails are naturally like that.

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  1. Hey babe, just remembered that it’s the 15th today.


    p/s: If you’ve gone elsewhere when I come back, then I have more reasons to travel and visit you at the same time right? 😆

    [I hope so…am praying super hard for good news soon! :D:]

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Once I put comment on the dressing clothes tips for vacation in France. Oh, glad everything going well according to your plan and suprised us with your good news.

    [OHYES, now I remember! Me and my horrible memory! =.= Anyway, yeah, I’m hoping for good news soon. *keeps fingers crossed*]

  3. happy belated nday!!! sorry i’m SO late but better late than never, i say. 😆 so…how- how???? any more news abt this new job? where’s it at??

    [Thanks, thanks! Better late than never! As for the “new” job, well, no go leh…but never mind la. I can wait. ^.^]

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