So it has begun.

The applications have started going out…as early as last Friday. I got my first reject today; it was straightforward and to the point.

We are looking for people with permission to work in this country.

Now where have I heard that line before?

Ah yes…while going through work permit and visa application guidelines. They say you need a job offer before you can apply for a work permit/visa but they mentioned nothing about companies wanting a work permit first. Bah.

Here is to trying…I’m seriously in for a ride, me thinks.

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  1. work permit needs to be applied by the company, after they demonstate that they failed to find people within the coutnry to fill the position. work visa is based on the individual.. but yeah, you cannot get a work visa without a work permit, and you need to be offered a position before you get a work permit =0

    [In some countries, from what I read, you can apply for a work permit yourself if you have been offered a job…but you know how it is. >.< ]

  2. it’s a catch 22… chicken and egg. it is frustrating isn’t it? but i dont care about that line, i just apply anyway. the closest i got was a reply that they KIV’d my resume. i’ve been advised that since i’m going over, apply and tell them i’ll be available to meet them in their country on the dates.

    i guess having Lee there makes it easier to take the “job plunge”…

    [Same here. Just don’t care and apply. I’ve been told by this job agency to keep them in mind when I do come over to the country and have a work permit. =.= Never mind, never mind. Just…try, I suppose.]

  3. its never easy……..just keep on trying….it took me abt 7 years……..hope your wont take that long.

    [I hope so too. ~_~ How did you ever manage?]

  4. still not managing so well…after all the effort…things doesnt seem to be as rosy as i thought…..

    [O’well…at least you tried. No regrets there, right? 😉 ]

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