What a weekend!

I cannot believe this. I spent the whole weekend doing nothing but watching Ally McBeal, laundry and knitting. Of course there were the dogs and other housechores…but it wasn’t exactly productive in the real sense of the word.


Yes, I told myself that I was suppose to finish off some legislation work at home but I got sidetracked instead. It didn’t help that Internet was super erratic, and I didn’t want to risk getting kicked out of the system and screwing things up royally on Monday. So it looks like OT time this coming week. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.


Saturday morning started all wrong actually. I seriously DO NOT fancy going to bed at 1am only to wake three hours later with food poisoning. It was hardly fun and it cost me a knitting meetup with some ladies – I was supposed to get some yarn but gah. Horrible, horrible. Consolation came in the form of knitting with my new set of needles (from ebay). I had to sand them down with fine grade sandpaper because they were all…sticky. Without the sanding, the stitches were very difficult to move around which is BAD on double-point needles.


I started on Candy Green and finished one side of the set today. Luckily it’s a five-needle set because…urm…I broke one of the needles. [insert sheepish look here] Not my fault, really. They were as thin as satay sticks and I was struggling with the thumb gusset. Verdict? I liked how this turned out (so does Mum – she wants to take it to Turkey in two weeks!) and I’m pretty exited about my next project.


Sunday was a good day…I splurge (well, not really) on my first outfit project – four balls of this royal purple magenta yarn – for a bolero-like jacket that looks simple yet stylish. Don’t really have a picture of what the finished product would look like but I hope that it’ll be ready by the time I make my trip to Paris. Couldn’t care less if it’s not warm enough. It’s exciting!!!!


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  1. Love the colours of your mittens. Glad they turn out so well. :thumbsup:

    [Thankies! Must go onto other projects once I finish them!]

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