Leg warmers: Progress report II

Side view of my leg warmers!

Well, I’m glad to say that I finished ONE side of my Wine leg warmers after deciding to scrap the project and restart again with a pattern. Stockinette stitch alone is just so plain. Seriously.

I incorporated two rows of cables (k1, sl 2 to cn, k2, k2 from cn, k1) plus additional rows of ribbing (k2, p2) to give it some tightness around the calf and feet. Best part about this is that you can wear it the other way around too (opposite from what you see there in the pic)! Can’t wait to finish this and get started on my fingerless gloves in candy green yarn I bought the other day…


On the side, I totally advocate buying knitting tools online. Bought a set (4 needles 20cm long) of 4mm bamboo/wood DPNs the other day only to find out that I could have easily gotten FOUR different sets (5 needles 20cm long) of wood DPN if I had bothered to buy them from this online shop on ebay.com. Mind you, shipping was included in the price. Felt totally ripped off.

Knitting is still an expensive hobby in Malaysia. Pity actually because you can save so much just by knitting stuff.

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