This is why…

…I am crazy about yarns.


The two skeins of lace weight yarn I ordered from arrived today after a week’s worth of waiting. Pretty fast, I must say. It came bare as it could be, perhaps fresh from spinning and dyeing – I could still smell the vinegar. No labels, no frills, no fuss. Just skeins the way they ought to be.


Now winding them into balls wasn’t an easy task. We are talking about 900 yards (nearly 830 metres) of yarn here. Thankgoodness for swivel chairs and toilet rolls. ^.~ About three hours went to winding these little babies into balls and plenty of exercise for my wrists!

burgundy_ball citrus_ball

The final result? Two great looking balls that will be turned into lacey shawls…as gifts.


ps: That thing I was supposed to start on for myself? It’ll be on hold until I finish these shawls and Les Bleus.

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What a (quiet) holiday! – Part II


Remember the stuff I bought yesterday? Well, I left out the yarn I bought as well. I intend to make some socks out of them for Nil and in addition, put the damn books to good use instead of letting them rot away on some shelf somewhere in my room.

Right now I’m a little wary of the damn project because I keep encountering all sorts of so-called problems. =.= There is the gauge (yarn is 28 per 10cm while the pattern is 24 per 10cm), then there is the whole thing about yarn feeling a little too thin for 4-ply and of course there is the size of a not-around pair of feet to measure. Blah.

Looks like I might have to frog this and start again tomorrow. Thankgoodness for the holidays.


Finally, a little something for myself! YES YES YES! I’m not going to say what it is or will be!


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What a (quiet) holiday! – Part I


I really love shopping when it’s quiet. No one to bump into, no screaming/running children to avoid, no one to fight with (for clothes/shoes/books/etc)…parking is a whole lot easier too. Plus factor? It reminded me a lot of my shopping sprees in Sydney when people were laidback and crowds were few and far in between.

As sort of a belated birthday present, I decided to go nuts on some knitting books that I’ve been eyeing. Initially I had thought of dropping by Kino at KLCC to get them but the journey was just too far. Besides, I wanted to see how Borders would measure up to Kino in terms of the kind of stuff they had and the pricing too.

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Tan ribbed cowl & knitting woes!


Tan Ribbed Cowl
Pattern | Adapted from Cream Ribbed Cowl in Knitting in No Time
Yarn | Plasard Louinie (Tan) & Sirdar Demin Sport Aran No 615
Needles | 5mm 40cm & 4mm 75cm circulars

Tell you something. Knitting is NOT easy.

I never had so much trouble with a pattern before! *frowns* It’s annoying how I have to convert this adults-only cowl into a cowl that will fit a 1 metre tall little girl. The first time I cast on, I ended up making it too small so I had to rip the damn thing apart but because it’s mohair mix, I had no choice but to snip some bit off. After that, I made it a bit tad bigger. Then it hits me.

“Will it fit?”

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Double dose!

I could easily talk about anything under the sun happening here in Malaysia…like about that idiot who thinks Muslims shouldn’t wish their Indian friends “Happy Deepavali” because it is tantamount to believing in the Hindu faith itself (WTH!), or about that poor man who got harassed by two crows and ended up blind in one eye as a result from the attack (he swears that it was the work of some angry ghost!).

I could always blab about my knitting projects but I think I talk too much about them already these past few days. On the side, remember that little girl’s cowl that I’m doing? I’m off to get more yarn to supplement it this evening!

Miracles…simple every day miracles come in pairs for me and when I least expect them to. This week has been a whirlwind ride for me. I wake up every morning, feeling as if I’m on cloud nine and that nothing can stop me from getting/achieving/doing things. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I haven’t had enough sleep too!


In all seriousness, I had an excellent week. The interview went awesome. I’d like to think that it was a-okay and I have a great feeling about it but on the other hand, I really don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, y’know. Just as I thought my day couldn’t get any better, I get called in for another interview. Whoa! What’s the deal man? Hence my joke: “When you’re looking, nothing is available. When you aren’t looking, everything suddenly becomes available and super attractive. It’s temptation in the making man!”

The last time I was looking for a job, the same thing happened! Could this be the curse of Mabel?


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Current projects

I know I should NOT cast on any more projects but just knitting rib all the time for my Magenta jacket is well…driving me nuts. Hence I succumbed totally to temptation and decided to cast on two projects.


Autumn Green Cable Scarf
Yarn | Wina No 95
Needles | 5mm straight bamboo

Progress with this is going ultra slow (what you see in the pic is what I’ve done so far) because I’m not in a rush to finish this and well, I’m sort of using this project as the “do only when you’re more of doing rib/whatever”.

Cream ribbed cowl

Tan Ribbed Cowl
Yarn | Plasard Louinie (Tan) & Sirdar Demin Sport Aran No 615
Needles | 5mm 40cm & 4mm 75cm circulars

This is going to be a gift for Nil’s niece who’s three years old. I know what you see there is for an adult but I’m resizing it to fit a little girl. Was thinking that the mohair-mix would be a nice touch and it feels oh-so-soft to the touch as well. Because this yarn mix is slightly thinner than what was called for in the pattern, I had to make some adjustments. Thankgoodness the pattern is awfully simple (K2, P2 with some decreases along the way)!!!!


Will post more at the end of this week when things at work have died down a little. I promise!

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A quiet day…

The roses

Apart from the surprise flowers this morning, MY day has been awfully quiet. I spent it working on Candy Green (my fingerless gloves) and musing on how remarkable the day has been so far.

Remember the hunt for that elusive job in either UK/NZ/France? After numerous rejections, there is hope left. It is nothing big or sure for that matter but like Dad, Nil (he sent me flowers for the first time in eons and he called too!!!!! *beams*) and I all agree, it is still a start. Better than nothing, if you know what I mean. Hopefully I’ll hear more good news over the next few days.

Candy green

Candy Green Fingerless Gloves
Pattern | Open-finger Mittens
Yarn | Online Linie Cora No 20
Needles | 2.75mm DPN

My knitting project(s) have taken on a new turn with colleagues commissioning me to work on their own versions of Candy Green (yes, I found myself taking on orders! Unbelievable!). I’m definitely happy for the practice and of course, the excuse to do more knitting and some yarn shopping on the side.

Another shot of Candy green!

So yes, I had a quiet, simple yet meaningful birthday in every sense of the word(s).


ps: No, I didn’t get a manicure – my nails are naturally like that.

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