Of potential boredom and warmers.

It’s amazing how the bored mind can come up with heaps of projects at one go if one has the willpower to do so.

Suddenly I’m bombarded with a myriad of knitting ideas and “wants”, eg that ultra gorgeous yarn at elann.com which I know I shouldn’t get but want to get just because it looks so delicious. Never mind that I still have a storage box full of yarn to de-stash and turn into useful garments. Never mind that I only have two hands and can concentrate on, at most, two projects at one go.

Bomboozilling to know how work is suddenly dead quiet and that it’s perfectly okay to knit compared to surfing the web aimlessly for days and hours, wasting bandwidth (or say as they always say).

So yeah, I have my little lace diamonds scarf-shawl AND a pair of leg warmers PLUS a soon-to-be-added pair of fingerless gloves. Hope to finish the latter two projects in time for my trip to France end of this year. Ooooo…chilly weather!

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