Leg warmers: Progress report I

So I started on the leg warmers today with a little help from knitting.com’s video on knitting with double pointed needles (DPNs).


It was a little ackward trying to negotiate those thin metal needles without poking myself in the eye or the chest or wherever they were pointing to. Really scary. Seriously. No wonder heaps of knitters have this phobia about knitting with DPNs.


Anyway, I’m really glad I did this project – the yarn feels great even though it’s a substitute and I wasn’t exactly sure if the pattern would fit this Spanish yarn. I still have a bit of problems negotiating the needles but my hands have somewhat established a pattern to follow and it makes things so much easier.

Online Cora

Of course it didn’t help that by the end of the day, I totally succumbed to yarn fever and bought two balls of the most lucious-looking yarn. Am thinking of making some fingerless gloves with them but only when I finish this project and/or my lace scarf-shawl, whichever comes first.

Ohlala...candy green!

In the meantime, it’s just knit, knit and knit!


[UPDATE] I have taken this whole thing apart because I wasn’t too happy with the plain stockinette stitch. Am going to jazz it up with ribbing and…CABLES! BOOOOOYAH! :peace:

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