Busy days ahead…

The morning started off with Mum making some bak chang – no, it’s not the time for them but she likes to make them whenever she feels like it. (I’ll put up the recipe once I get my hands on it another day and yes, it’s not halal.)

The rice Lotus leaves, washed and ready

Lean meat, chestnuts and mushrooms Dried prawns

After that, it was the usual run of housechores – laundry, mopping the floor, cleaning up after Mum’s bak chang fiasco – before heading out and off to discuss some things with a close friend. I can’t say much…well, I actually don’t want to say much except that the money I’d get from this project is much needed. Am planning to start proper work on it tomorrow and throughout the week during my nights.

I managed to get some more knitting tools to add to my collection. Since I was in the mood, I spent the afternoon organizing my knitting stash, yarn and all, into two medium sized storage boxes. Must make a mental note to come up with some ideas on how to make use of one-skein yarns. Heh.

Raw salted duck egg yolk, quartered The finished product

Putting it all together Texture texture

My “little diamonds in lace” scarf was up next…and it’s still on the needle. Very much a WIP*, really. It doesn’t help that the pattern is pretty complicated and my eyes keep going fuzzy on me. I kept dropping stitches and etc. Annoying, really.

So to make things easier, I used a “lifeline” (basically a thiner thread running through the loops of each stitch) and stitch markers, about 12 of them. I hope I have enough yarn though, otherwise I might have to get Nil to buy me some more skeins.

Great balls of yarn! The problematic lace pattern

That scarf kept me up all night and right now, I’m totally out. Badminton is on at the moment and I’m hoping it’ll be it’s an English vs China match for the men’s doubles!!! Boo to Malaysia for losing (all?) their matches.

* Work-in-progress

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