Knitting galore!

Since last week, I’ve been getting myself back into the jive of knitting. It has been a while since I last picked up those darn needles – I had gotten tired of knitting the same thing every single time – scarves. My knitting stash (I should take a snap shot of the yarn in my storage box) is hardly decreasing and well, I need to kill time and get those fuzzy balls moving!

After dropping off a warm brownish-cream scarf to Nil as a going-away gift, I decided to embark on a tiny project for two colleagues who are welcoming little bundles of joy. I tried to knit some booties at first but it didn’t really quite work out (am still trying to understand the damn pattern). So I decided to work on baby hats instead and found a rather easy pattern to start off.

The blue baby hat has been already “shipped” off to my colleague so here is a glimpse of its twin in pink:

Great balls of yarn!

The pattern in the shadows

I am hoping to finish it by tonight after my class and start on my other new projects.

On the menu:
Ruffled baby hat
Leg warmers
Drop-stitch twist shawl
A simple wrap

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