It feels weird knowing that your loved one will be going away for a long time. It’s like the days are slowing flying by and all you can think about is how much you’re going to miss him/her when they are gone.

Suddenly it feels like there is nothing else in the world but the both of you. More room for cuddles, more time for sharing kisses and somehow, you just seem to understand each other completely.

And at the end of it, you feel like you could never be more in love with this person than that very moment in time.

He’s leaving next Tuesday for home. My last day with him will be on Sunday since he’s flying off from Singapore. There is this strange feeling of foreboding and yet a little glimmer of excitement as he returns home to his family, friends and his home country. Nothing is as bad as it sounds and every experience is worth cherishing. If anything, I want him to be happy going home. Happy to be in the company of loved ones and friends again.

Now it’s really going to translate to a long distance relationship. Before it was just an eight-hour train ride. Now it’ll be a twenty-hour flight. I’d joke about how we have progressed; I’d talk about how this is the perfect opportunity to see if our love can withstand all odds, as cliche as it sounds. But you know how it is with long distance relationships and love. A lot don’t make it (like my previous relationship) and the some that do (think of a fellow blogger) would tell you that hard work and effort were some of the ingredients to their success.

O’well…at least we have come to this point in time where we have the Internet, MSN and all that to help us keep in touch, not to mention friends and side-projects (for me, at least). I have to finish up that whole storage box filled with yarn; am planning to finish the scarf I just started (will put pics of it soon) and I want to learn to knit sweaters!

Yes, I’ll admit, I’m going to cry like a baby for the first few days and look utterly miserable, but hey…it’s not like it’s gonna be forever. I hope not.

Je t’aime de tout mon coeur, pour toujours, cheri. Je t’attendrai.

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  1. Gosh, that sucks. For you, I mean. Not sure what to say but to take each day as it comes and to know that whatever happens, you will always have yesterday. :hug:

    [:hug: O’well…if we can get through this, I suppose it is safe to say that we can get through almost anything.]

  2. Why not just marry him and go back together ?

    Long distance relationships won’t last. Chances of failure are too high, way too high.

    I’ve seen plenty of failed LDRs, either one will cheat, eventually.

    Heck, even relationships between JB and KL seldom work out.

    [Because the simplest solution is never the best or the easiest. Don’t know about you but marriage should be done for all the right reasons and not used as a tool to bind individuals together. Besides, I like to take my chances with him – it’s worth the risk. And FYI, our relationship saw us commuting between KL and Singapore. 🙂 ]

  3. :hug: dont worry you’ll put thru this like you have always pulled thru other things in life, you know that even the distance wont change how the both of you feel for each other, yes it will only make the both of you appreciate each other more then you already do…. take care mei, and if you’re bored send me an IM and hopefully we’ll be able to meet up…

    [Hmm…should meet up soon leh. Bila?]

  4. Awww…dun worry woman, seeing how the both of u are, we’ll soon be hearing wedding bells, sooner n not later. :hyper: Just a matter of timing n of course, the perfect reason to be married. You’ll do fine, woman…you always do. *hugs* Me flying off today….wish me luck too woman, keep in touch! :love:

    [You HAD better keep in touch. Ooooo…hate you muchs coz you’ll be in lovely Sydney. 😛 ]

  5. He’ll definitely come back — try to cheer up all right. Of course you’re missing him dearly but he’s always close to your heart.


    [I guess I’m coping alright…could be better but alright is not so bad. Thanks for the encouragement, babe. ^.^ ]

  6. It’s not going to be easy but when two people are meant for each other, things will work out in the end, long distance or not. With both of you so in love with each other, I’m not surprise if you tell me both of you will be walking down the aisle together sooner than expected.

    It’s gonna be a roller coaster ride throughout the whole thing til you’re back in each other’s arms again..but you know what? It’s all worth it in the end. Trust me on that. I’m looking forward myself to being in HIS arms again :love:

    [I know what you mean. Oddly enough, it hasn’t been that bad – so far. I should be lucky in many ways, because right now, I have the Internet to assist me along. Otherwise it would just be snailmail and phone calls. AIKS. Btw, when will you be coming back?]

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