Dinner parties are fun!

What you do when you're bored - take pics of useless stuff

Finally something about work that isn’t related to work!

Badminton girls with one with a possible beheading to come!

In all honesty, I had a great company dinner yesterday – it wasn’t exactly all song and dance like my previous office but there were at least heaps of laughs.

Half of my team...

I ought to kill someone but then again, if I hadn’t looked under her seat, I wouldn’t have to do that “catwalk challenge” thing, end up hiking my skirt and looking outrageously flirty AND winning at that. Hmphr.

I seriously don't know what I was thinking then!

I could put up more pics but the rest of basically with nearly the same people and of…well, useless stuff. That’s what you do when you feel bored. You start snapping away. Gah.

Someone has really itchy fingers!

The view was great – PM’s office next to the lake not to mention that great looking mosque. I should go there again with Nil to take “better” pics.

Ending on a thoughtful note

On the side, no more hiking up skirts in front of fifty plus people. It feels weird the next day.


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  1. Unrelated, i know, but DAMN, I like your new (or not so new?) layout? Been a while since I checked, so… yeah. If only I can do this kind of three column layouts.

    [Aiks…it’s a template la. 😛 ]

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