Blueberry muffins

The finished cupcakes!

20 paper cupcakes = RM2
500 gm of muffin mix = RM4.50
250 gm of blueberry filling = RM2.50
Fresh, hot muffins for breakfast = Priceless.

Honestly? It was a spur of the moment thing.

The muffin mix from Guten Braun and cupcakes! Instructions, anyone? Cupcake trays from IKEA Add in four eggs + 200 ml of corn oil - I used olive oil!

There is this baking supplies shop near my house and usually, I’ll pop by just to lose myself admist the flour mixes, fruit jams, and what-nots in that store. (The owner makes fantastic pecan cookies for CNY!) I usually don’t buy stuff because I never have the time to bake but I decided differently this time.

Mix till batter is smooth. Looks like custard no? Preparing the first layer First layer = done!

The muffin mix comes with easy to understand instructions and at a cheaper price that the ones I usually get for brownies and cookies. The usual applies – just add the additional eggs and oil plus a fruit filling of your choice. I chose blueberry because I have this thing about blueberries and muffin. Must make a mental note to attempt an orange & poppyseed concoction next time! How can you go wrong with such simplicity?

Adding the filling! Finished with the filling? Next! Going strong with the second layer Baking away in the oven at 180 degrees C

Verdict? Simply yummylicious!

Note: This muffin mix makes around 20 odd muffins depending on how much batter you add into each cup. Excellent when eaten warm with some tea/coffee on the side OR if you like, just plain!

Simply irresistable!

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  1. OMGOD. That looks heavenly…hmmpff, speaking of which I have actually baked in awhile except for making tiramisu. Though tht doesn’t require baking at all. :blush:

    [Tiramisu….*drools*…I should try the recipe I have – saw the shop selling sponge fingers.]

  2. alaaaa… why la did i have to click… it’s 1am and i’m hungry. if i were at home, i’d immediately go into the kitchen and make myself some. sigh.

    try this recipe:
    or change it slightly for nigella’s blueberry muffin recipe (use 1 egg instead of 2, substitute milk with yoghurt and milk (3 parts yoghurt, 1 part milk) and you get realllllly moist muffins.

    [OHMIGOODLORD! *drools* ]

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