In a few hours…

…I’ll be off for what promises to be a romantic getaway.

If it’s not the case, then at least it’ll be a getaway from the horrors of work. I could write about work in this blog but we know how that always turns out.

I’m looking to test the resort’s spa in search of relaxation. So watch out for reviews if not a price listing and pics.

Don’t miss me too much, k?

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  1. gosh, i hope you read this before you leave. i just got back from there three days ago and the water is infested with jellyfish! loads and loads of them! i was practically diving into them, so watch out when you’re snorkelling or anything alright?

    happy holidays!

    [Too late! 😛 Went there and got back! *lol*

    Nil’s alright despite snorkelling everywhere. He missed out on the jellyfish “attack” and so did I (I stayed closer to the beach). By the 3rd day we were there, there weren’t that much jellyfish anymore. A fellow traveller staying at the same hotel made it his duty to catch every single jellyfish bugger he could see with his naked eye. Funny! 😉 ]

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