Tortue IS NOT torture!

HE KEEPS ME SANE at the office.

This is why!

Yes, I did spend some time snapping pics of Tortue. He’s a little vain pot – just like his owner. *lol* But in all seriousness, our little creature here took a while to get used to the camera. Taking basking shots of him weren’t so easy since he gets skittish when exposed in such a manner. Nevertheless, I liked how they turned out.

By the way, don’t mind the captions. I’m in a good mood today. šŸ™‚

Stop staring, will ya? You’re making me blush.

Look, ma…LOOK, I can flap my “wings”.

Awww…sucks. I’ve always wanted a life on the land.


I’m worshipping the Bulb of Heat God. Shoo!

Okay…I’m worshipping and peeing at the sight of the Bulb of Heat God.

Hey…I didn’t pee in the drinking water. I swear!

Okay…so maybe I did. Oops.

Now a couple of people didn’t quite believe that a turtle can and *will* beg for food. Well, don’t put your bottom dollar on it yet. Here’s the proof (mind you, I was shaking a yellow bottle of his fave stuff – Sera Rafy-1) plus a video of him munching down on gammarus bits.

And no, I still haven’t had any success in feeding him pellets. He just won’t go near anything green. Gah!

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