It’s out.

It took them three LA jabs before I could stop feeling the pain.

Then it took them two hours to get the tooth out. Dad was nice enough to wait though. 😛


I was lucky. It was just an incision, a little bit of bone to remove and a tooth extraction (as if you were removing teeth the normal way). No breaking the tooth into quarters and stuff.


My left jaw is kind of sore and swollen. The pain is not setting in…yet. I hope I’ll be able to do some work tomorrow – I really have to finish this product by Sunday night… *sighs*


The next thing now is to pray and hope that the right wisdom tooth doesn’t give me any freaking problems. Why? Because if it comes out, it will come out root-up.

God. Why do I have this freaking problem?

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  1. strange wisdom teeth you have there:) ah, good to know it wasn’t that bad of an ordeal.

    [O’well, at least it’s nice to know that a few people benefited from this strange wisdom teeth of mine. :D:]

  2. Arghhhh I feel faint at the sight of blood!

    [But…but you won’t even see the blood…until the end. :p]

  3. How much richer is your dentist now? ;p

    Jayelle: They’re not strange ;p 48 is mesially impacted, nothing wrong with the rest, except for lack of space for 38. I’ve seen worse and I’ve left them, so far no prob.

    [Not very. It was FOC. ^.^]

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