Too busy for anything else.

I can’t really complain. It pays the bills.

But you know what? OT doesn’t pay enough because frankly, nothing beats having a life and enjoying it.

O’well…I’m a sucker for pain, at least for the next few days.

(Frankly, enough is enough and they know it. I’m going on a holiday come middle of August and nothing is going to stop me.)

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  1. cheh… must first put a goal then u can see it materialise. 😆

    eeehhhh!!! u emoticon so cute leh!!! i like this one -> :hyper: n this one -> :nyeh:

  2. Right on the dot… ‘nothing beats having a life!’

    Wish I could get my life back soon… it’s been
    haywire of late.

    [Hey you! Apa haywire ni? Since when was getting engaged all about being haywired? :p CONGRATS! (Read about your pertunangan in the Star! Wahhh…so romantic!) 😉 ]

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