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NOTE: I am scared of dentists. I make no secret of this. There is just something about that damn chair, the mirror, the lights and…ohgawd…the freaking tools! 😐 But I have to see them anyway.

So I finally managed to take a day off just so I can see the dentist. Nothing big happening with my teeth – just a regular check-up (plus I need some advice on my stupid wisdom tooth). UMMC’s Dental Faculty & Clinic is one of the best around – believe it or not – and best of all, it comes at a very good price. Everything is free except for RM5 which you pay if you’re a first-time visitor to the Clinic.

I’m a registered patient but my last time to the place was in 1986. Shocking huh? Anyway, the Clinic opens every Monday to Friday for registration (8:30 to 11:30am and 2pm to 3:30pm except for Fridays when it closes in the afternoon). You just take a number and wait to be called. After that, it’s a short two minute walk around the corner where you’ll wait to be called again for your check-up.

Now the Clinic is used for teaching purposes. So expect to see some very young-looking “doctors” who are in fact final year students doing their practicum. Don’t worry; they are supervised all the time and major surgery like extraction and what-nots are done by the professors who, according to Dad (he had a tooth extraction and denture work done), are very well-trained and skilled.

I was given the green light; teeth are in excellent shape – just need some scaling because I have localized gingivitis, and some work on my molars. (I have a few deep fissured molars – the dent on the crown is deep and in order to prevent cavities, it is recommended that I “plug” the dents and make it a little bit less deeper than usual.)

HOWEVER, Doc noticed that one of my wisdom tooths is partially erupting and after hearing my explanations, sends me on my merry way to the corridor next door for an X-ray. Now, I wanted to take a pic of my X-ray but didn’t dare to because this is P&C info and I didn’t want to look “dorky”. The machine is fantabulous – somewhat like a cross between an automatic head massager and an MRI. Instead of those four pieces of X-ray (remember Mr Bean at the dentist?), you get a piece of X-ray showing your entire jawline. FANTABULOUS, seriously!

Anyway, after you’re done with the X-ray, you go back to the doc where s/he will brief you on the story with your pearly whites. In my case, I have three wisdoms – one has over erupted (top-right) which they can’t do anything coz…well, it’s out already, one partially erupted (bottom-right) and one trapped in the bone (hence not erupted yet). The one that is partially erupted needs to be removed because 1) half of it is sitting under/in the bone, and 2) food particles can easily be caught under the gum that’s still covering this half thus making it easier for me to get cavities. So bah…

(At least it ain’t so bad as one of the girls who had both her wisdoms erupting horizontally; they were pushing against her molars. OUCH! :stars: )

So off I went to make an appointment for a dreaded wisdom tooth extraction. Scaling is on waiting list so when I’ll go when they call.

Overall experience was good. The waiting for shorter than what I had initially expected but then again, I was there at 7:30am with Dad. I didn’t have to fork out a single cent, which was really good. Now, I’m looking forward (not quite actually but I have to say this for lack of a better term) to my MOS (that’s the term they use) in the first week of August.

Wish me luck!

(I *MUST* take pics the next time I make a trip there. 😉 )

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  1. Good luck. 🙂

    Believe me, I’m scared shit of the dentist too until I went to one about a year and half ago (after not going for the LONGEST time ever). While waiting outside, I could hear the drilling and what not. I nearly pee-ed in my pants! :unsure: :crying:

    Thank God there were no major issues with my teeth accept for scaling and repairing of some ‘potholes’. Hehe. I felt really good after that visit. But ermm, haven’t been there ever since, I think it’s about time I did. :shy:

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