Fudge banana brownies

Note: Dad thinks I’ve gone bonkers. He’s worried that we won’t be able to finish the cakes. No worries. Bet with you that if I take the two pans of Orange Cheesecake and this one to the office, it’ll be gone in no time.

Ingredients for fudge banana brownies

So I don’t really make brownies from scratch. That is no secret to people who sample them. BUT I do make the adjustments – sometimes I throw in some almond or walnut. Today, I decided to add in banana. I think it would make a nice change from the thick chewy chocolate flavour.

Add in oil and water Add two eggs Mix well Smooth batter

All you need are bananas and a brownie mix – Duncan Hinns’ or Betty Crocker’s are really good. You can buy either fudge brownie, double choc brownie or dark choc brownie mix. It doesn’t really matter actually – the “flavour” is up to you. I don’t really know what kind of bananas Mum bought (she was at the Pudu market)…so anything goes. All I know was that they are really really ripe. Oh, do peel and slice bananas only when you need them, otherwise they’ll start to brown.

Once baked, allow brownies to cool before slicing into bars/quarters. DO NOT attempt to cut them when they are taken out fresh from the oven. The entire cake will fall apart. (In a worst case scenario, you can always crumb the entire cake and press it into the pan, using the pan like a mould then dump into the fridge right away. The newly formed cake will harden and that’s how you’ll get a not-so-nice-looking cake back again.)

Freshly cut bananas The banana layer Top decorated with sliced bananas Baking away

I use a microwave-cum-oven to make my brownies. It sort of cuts back on the amount of electricity that a regular oven would need. Downside to it is that I can’t make anything bigger than an 8-inch pan. O’well…

Maybe I need to come up with a better pattern YUMMEH!

ps: I know the finished product doesn’t look really appetising; after all, bananas do burn during baking. Maybe I need to come up with a better pattern next time.

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  1. Try mixing the bananas into the mix, so your banana won’t burn like it did. I’ll bet it’ll taste heavenly too. 🙂

    [I have a layer of banana in the middle. The top was done that way on purpose. Am thinking of trying mashed bananas next time. ^.~]

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