France v Brazil: 1-0


I was rooting for the underdogs with the awful thought that they might lose to the Samba kings BUT I was pleasantly surprised this morning.


Talk about shocking.

(This World Cup has definitely been surprising, to say the least. On one hand, England has been knocked out by the Portugese and Germany has gone on to the semis.)

Lets see how Le Bleus will do – they weren’t really hoping to get this far but if they can make it to the finals, it’ll be 1998 all over again but this time with a different twist to things.


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  1. aiyo…tell me abt it!! this years WC has had more than it’s share of shockes! LOL i cant believe that england is out too…lol jokers i tell u.

    wei, wat happened to u on sunday? tak jadi ker? why?

    [Making brownies. T.T Otherwise, I’d have showed up. Did you have any fun?]

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