Too busy for anything else.

I can’t really complain. It pays the bills.

But you know what? OT doesn’t pay enough because frankly, nothing beats having a life and enjoying it.

O’well…I’m a sucker for pain, at least for the next few days.

(Frankly, enough is enough and they know it. I’m going on a holiday come middle of August and nothing is going to stop me.)

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And we’re back online!

So my blog had been down for a week. Turns out that my plugins weren’t corrupted. The problem was with the theme files. Some idiot put in a code into all the pages in every theme I used AND added an extra two .php files. Hence why you’d automatically download a bug every time you came to my blog. Hm. I’d like to find out who did this in order to give the guy a good screwing up his arse but what goes around comes around.

For news on what’s been happening, feel free to look at past entries. (I backdated them. 😎 )

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UMMC’s Dental Faculty

NOTE: I am scared of dentists. I make no secret of this. There is just something about that damn chair, the mirror, the lights and…ohgawd…the freaking tools! 😐 But I have to see them anyway.

So I finally managed to take a day off just so I can see the dentist. Nothing big happening with my teeth – just a regular check-up (plus I need some advice on my stupid wisdom tooth). UMMC’s Dental Faculty & Clinic is one of the best around – believe it or not – and best of all, it comes at a very good price. Everything is free except for RM5 which you pay if you’re a first-time visitor to the Clinic.

I’m a registered patient but my last time to the place was in 1986. Shocking huh? Anyway, the Clinic opens every Monday to Friday for registration (8:30 to 11:30am and 2pm to 3:30pm except for Fridays when it closes in the afternoon). You just take a number and wait to be called. After that, it’s a short two minute walk around the corner where you’ll wait to be called again for your check-up.

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So I took the plunge and got myself a cute little red-eared slider. He doesn’t really have a name yet but I do know one thing. He’ll mainly be stationed at the office.

His new home

Parents don’t really know about him; I reckoned Mum would freak out because I already have Le Bleu and three dogs. But he really keeps me amused by flopping around in his tank.

What a vain pot!

I’m a novice at turtle care so I’ve joined a forum that hopefully will give me some info on turtle care and what-not. I’ll share it with you folks soon!

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The game of football.

I suppose the question people have been asking is this: Why in god’s name did Zizou do that?

Granted that he could have been provoked into it by Materazzi – he, after all, never had a very sterling, squeeky clean attitude on the grass. So it would have been hardly surprising if he indeed deserved that very painful headbutt to the chest.

Then again, there is Zizou, a French national hero, about to retire. He should have known better than to end a career in this fashion, we say. Some see him as the one who is rarely given to sudden bursts of violence on the playing field but others would disagree. “Zizou has a history of violent reactions.” “He has a temper.”

People start to find fault without looking at the heart of the matter.

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Betta care: Food

Bettas, especially CTs like Le Bleu, require a little bit more care in terms of water and food. (Well, actually water is more important than the food but it doesn’t mean you just scrimp on it either.)

FD Tubifex, Daphnien, pellets, and bloodworms

While it is preferable that bettas get live food as often as possible, freeze dried (FD) is probably the next best thing (top on the list are frozen foods). Unless of course, you prefer to make your own food cultures and what-not. Bear in mind, breeders actually do this BUT I wasn’t referring to bettas you intend to use for spawning/breeding.

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