Once in a lifetime…

…for once in my life, at least before the show ends or I die (whichever comes first), I would like to witness the magic of…

I have always been a fan of musicals and especially these three. In my younger days, I remember lying down on a leather couch just listening to Christine Daaé and Raoul de Chagny singing to each other in All I Ask Of You, Kim’s sweet voice in I’d Give My Life for You and who can forget the revolutionary Do You Hear The People Sing? There is just something about the music and lyrics that draws me.

(Heck, I even cried like a mad cow at the end of Miss Saigon [it’s tragic, OH-kay!] – and this is just by listening.)

My brother knows my love for musicals. He, after all, was submitted to endless afternoons and nights of MS, Les Mis and Phantom blaring in the air while I read/write/sleep. He gave me the next best thing – VCDs of special “Royal” performances with songs from these three musicals. I still have them and ocassionally, when I want to relive the magic, I flip them on.

But you know what? Nothing beats the thrill of really being there. Just once, I’d like…really like… to go to where it all begin – in the UK – and see it for myself.

Just once.

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  1. You might wanna watch Mr Producers then. It’s great and I thoroughly recommend it! It’s my favourite because it has a combination of musicals including phantom,saigon, oliver, cats, song and dance with performances by great stage artist like lea salonga, Michael Ball, Jonathan Pyrce and Colm Wilkinson to name a few. Julian Lloyd Webber also appeared playing the cello for song and dance.

    Oh, btw, I have Miss Saigon: the making, if you wanna pinjam. It’s the behind the scenes and how Lea became famous!

    [OOoooo…yes please. That would be superb!]

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