Keeping myself occupied…

…while Nil is away.

He leaves for Central Asia tonight and will be gone for two long months.

(It is beginning to feel like forever.)

No internet access while he’s out in the countryside of Pakistan, Khazakstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Northern China.

(That means no email, no skype, no MSN…nothing.)

I decided that I would keep myself busy and not be miserable for the coming two months.

(Because if it is going to be a miserable two months, I’ll just die when he leaves for good.)

Thanks to this darling here, I’m now back in the penpal/postcard/snailmail posting game. I started when I was in secondary school and still keep in touch with my penpals (from Sweden and Egypt respectively).

(It is amazing how similar we all are despite being from different cultures and countries.)

Of course, there is the usual meeting-up-with-friends thing and the badminton-after-work.

(And Nil’s voice recording on my phone which I can listen to before I go to sleep.)

I just hope I won’t be so miserable.

(Anyone want to meet up?)

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  1. WOOHOO!! \:d/ Welcome to the club gurl…:d I ought to be getting points for recruiting ppl to join postcrossing lar. So far, 2 people joined [including u] so YES, I must be good in MLM, IF it’s got to do with writing n all lar. Lol 😉

    Btw, why is Nil away? Holiday or work? If work..wah, go to all these weird places [Pakistan, Khazakstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Northern China], do what?? 😕

    [I just sent off my first five cards! ^.^ Anyway, he’s going for a holiday there…hiking and stuff lor.]

  2. Oooo….so fast!! Hhehe…be sure to post up ur first card ok??? :d I’m sop excited lar!! :>

    [CAN! I’m still waiting anxiously though. :-S]

  3. ps. Why did I get this -> Your comment looks dirty , after my post?? :((:((

    [It’s probably my spam plugin kicking in. Just ignore it la. :P]

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