Once in a lifetime…

…for once in my life, at least before the show ends or I die (whichever comes first), I would like to witness the magic of…

I have always been a fan of musicals and especially these three. In my younger days, I remember lying down on a leather couch just listening to Christine Daaé and Raoul de Chagny singing to each other in All I Ask Of You, Kim’s sweet voice in I’d Give My Life for You and who can forget the revolutionary Do You Hear The People Sing? There is just something about the music and lyrics that draws me.

(Heck, I even cried like a mad cow at the end of Miss Saigon [it’s tragic, OH-kay!] – and this is just by listening.)

My brother knows my love for musicals. He, after all, was submitted to endless afternoons and nights of MS, Les Mis and Phantom blaring in the air while I read/write/sleep. He gave me the next best thing – VCDs of special “Royal” performances with songs from these three musicals. I still have them and ocassionally, when I want to relive the magic, I flip them on.

But you know what? Nothing beats the thrill of really being there. Just once, I’d like…really like… to go to where it all begin – in the UK – and see it for myself.

Just once.

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What do you blog about when you have nothing to say?
What do you talk about when your mind is empty?
What do you see when your eyes are dry and drained?
What do you think when your mind is overloaded with thoughts?


I’d have loved to write more except that I don’t really fancy writing anything at all about work. (Ah yes, complaints and such.) Maybe I’ll get inspired tonight.

We’ll see.

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Keeping myself occupied…

…while Nil is away.

He leaves for Central Asia tonight and will be gone for two long months.

(It is beginning to feel like forever.)

No internet access while he’s out in the countryside of Pakistan, Khazakstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Northern China.

(That means no email, no skype, no MSN…nothing.)

I decided that I would keep myself busy and not be miserable for the coming two months.

(Because if it is going to be a miserable two months, I’ll just die when he leaves for good.)

Thanks to this darling here, I’m now back in the penpal/postcard/snailmail posting game. I started when I was in secondary school and still keep in touch with my penpals (from Sweden and Egypt respectively).

(It is amazing how similar we all are despite being from different cultures and countries.)

Of course, there is the usual meeting-up-with-friends thing and the badminton-after-work.

(And Nil’s voice recording on my phone which I can listen to before I go to sleep.)

I just hope I won’t be so miserable.

(Anyone want to meet up?)

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Le Bleu dancing away…

For those of you who love fighting fish, here’s a short clip of Le Bleu flaring at his own reflection. (I had problems taking really good still shots of him during his “dance” so I resorted to a video instead.)

Oh, do ignore the lack of sound! ^.^

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Blackie – mongrel stray Mum picked up nearly three years ago

Noni – the once-dumped cocker spaniel (no dog tag and microchip, so we adopted her) [She’s camera-shy though.]

Desibel – oldest of the bunch, came from a pregnant stray Daschund

Le Bleu – my new fighting fish

Aria – my tri-colour guinea pig in Australia

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Honda Wave for sale!

NOTE: Only available for Singaporeans!

Boyfriend is selling his bike and I’m helping him. 🙂

3/4 front side profile
Click on the image for a bigger picture.

A Honda Wave, bought in September 2005; in excellent condition; travelled for 10,000 km.
Bike comes with 2 helmets, already-attached baskets (front and back) as well as raincoats.

Front view
Click on the image for a bigger picture.

Last maintenance at 6,000km (oil, transmission oil and spark-plug changed).
Road tax expiring in August 2006.

Side view
Click on the image for a bigger picture.

Selling for SGD2000.

If you know of anyone who is interested in getting a second-hand bike or you need more info, do drop an email or call +65-9856-7407 (ask for Nil)!

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Countries visited…

Mine: Nine (4%)
His: THIRTY-FIVE! (15%)

I’m so jealous. Time to spread my wings and before I settle down too!

My parents: Roughly twenty-six countries (11%) – can’t really remember where exactly they went in Europe.

ps: I’ll resize this when I get back from Singapore. Right now, I’m filled with envy! T.T

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Off to Singapore…

Yes…a long awaited break.


Work has been bonkers and it doesn’t help that EVERYONE is super busy. I haven’t been into badminton as often as I like – three times a week – and there is only one group of people to blame.


Never mind. Never mind.

Yes, I’m in a happy mood. This will be the last weekend I have with Nil before he goes off to Central Asia for two freaking long months.

( T.T )

No no…no shopping this weekend even though it’s the Grand Singapore Sale.


Just…spending time with Nil…four days. AHHHHHHH.

(Don’t miss me too much, k?)

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