I hate them. Fresh peas, that is. I can never seem to chew down on those tiny little round green balls. I just swallow them.

That’s how I tackle peas.

Except for the ocassional wasabi flavoured pea snack. Baked peas? No problemo. Bring them on, I say! I found one of the best pea snacks in the heart of Paddy’s Market. Pity I get tired of chowing down on crunchy peas after a day or two.

Salad is still a better option.

Peas are just fun if you’re looking for a veggie that you can use to annoy the heck out of people. (Hey, you sure can’t shoot a piece of iceberg from a straw. Only peas!)

Anyway, if you’re wondering why I’m talking about peas, don’t ask. It’s just for fun…unless of course, you think I’m talking about a different kind of pea.

Sorry, I haven’t turned bi yet.


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  1. moi aussi! i especially hate peas that come with carrot and corn and call that awful stuff ‘mixed vegetables’… more like mixed sawdust. but i like those peas in a can, the really mushy kind, yum :d

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