Le Feu

He’s the latest addition to my family…since Saturday, that is.

I am not too sure if he’s just a regular fighting fish breed even though he kinda looks like a halfmoon and he definitely wasn’t cheap.

The tank, at the moment, is pretty bare – I’m looking to get another “taller” plant to offer Le Feu some better hiding spot and a bit of an obstacle course for his swimming. I reckon it should be just alright by then.

He is quite shy, choosing to flare up at his neighbour, the black leather couch and when he sees my finger, he follows it EVERYWHERE. I have yet to see him blow bubbles the way my previous fighting fish did…but I’m keeping my fingers cross. He’s still adjusting to living with me.

So why the name “Le Feu”? Easy. Because he’s a firey red. Take a look-see.

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  1. This has got nothing to do with your post. Just drop by to let you know that I’m still alive and still visiting your blog. Had lots of problems loading your page for the past few weeks though, that’s why no news from me quite a while.

    Anyway, glad to know that things are still ok with you. Miss chatting with you though. Take care babe! :hugs:

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