X-Men III: The Disappointment.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

I’ve been following this comic series (and the growth of its characters) since I was a kid – always dreaming that someday, somehow, I would have some supernatural powers. (Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to teleport like Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler? I could sure use the extra money that I’d save from my trip up to work.) My favourites are and still have been Prof X, and Jean Grey (before she became the Dark Phoenix).

So you may have guessed that I’ve been looking forward to this “episode” of the X-Men series. X-Men I and II were alright, even though there were several flaws. Everything was cool – the fighting scenes, the characters, etc…

But this third instalment was such a HUGE disappointment.

It was flawed, I felt, to a certain degree- well a huge degree…

  • The way Mystique lost her powers – I don’t even recall that happening in the comics. Hm.
  • The way Cyclops “disappeared” – Hey, he wasn’t even supposed to die, goddamnit!
  • Magneto becoming human through a cure?!? WTF.
  • Wolverine going all mushy and killing Jean Grey? That was supposed to be Scott Summers’ job, man.
  • Kitty wasn’t supposed to be this sassy OR having a little something with Bobby. It was Collosus she was in love with and finally married.
  • Rogue was never in love with Bobby, to begin with, and she certainly never thought of being human. Heck, she was Mystique’s protege prior to joining the X-Men.
  • While battling the Dark Phoenix, Prof X DID NOT DIE.
  • Juggernaut was supposed to be BIG AND FAT and AWESOME. In the movie, he was just another muscular guy who lacked meanness. Btw, he was supposed to be his own man, not under Magneto (at least that’s what I know, so far). Oh, he isn’t MUTANT. He got his powers from some “magical” item.
  • Jamie Maddox was supposed to be one of the good guys, damnit. ~_~
  • As for Archangel, he never left home. He joined the school and was one of Prof X’s students.

I could go on and on about the flaws of this film. It just pissed the hell out of me – the previous ones though flawed were more true to the comic series. What the hell was the director and producer thinking?

It is supposed to be X-Men not a film influenced by it or an adapted film of the X-Men. (If you must change it, then change the goddamn name and characters as well.)


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  1. well i thot it was a tragic love story. then again, i never followed the comic n was never a fan so, to me it was just that with a whole load of booms, bangs n bright, blinding white lights. 😉

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